CICERO - Center for International Climate Research


Kristin Halvorsen, Director of CICERO, is leading CICERO Climate Finance. As Norway's Minister of Finance (2005-2009), she introduced sustainability criteria for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund. She also served as Minister of Education and Research (2009-2013) and deputy prime minister (2005-2012).

Christa Clapp manages the daily work of CICERO Climate Finance, alongside CICERO's work on green bonds. She has over 15 years of experience in climate policy and economic analysis. She previously held positions at the OECD, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Alliance Bernstein investment management.


Our staff

CICERO Climate Finance staff at the launch meeting at Oslo Børs on 19 May 2016.

Knut H. Alfsen is a senior researcher and former Director and Head Research Director at CICERO. Besides long experience in second opinions on green bonds, he is a member of the Chief Advisor’s group to China Council on International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) and involved in projects on developing green finance in China.

Kristina Alnes

Alexander Oliver Berg is involved in the work of issuing independent reviews on Green Bonds. Alexander also works on connecting climate science with the financial sector with the aim of advancing the understanding of climate risk as a financial risk. Prior to joining CICERO, Alexander was a risk analyst at the Norwegian export credit agency GIEK. He focused on country-, sector-, and bank risk in connection to a.o. renewable energy projects in high risk markets. Alexander has also worked at the Norwegian power company Statkraft, focusing on political and market-design issues in connection with hydro- and offshore-wind power projects.

Harald Francke Lund is a Senior climate finance specialist. He works on green bonds and led the work on the Background Report on Long-term Climate Finance for the German Presidency of the G7. Before joining CICERO, he worked with the Norwegian government and the UNSG’s climate envoy Jens Stoltenberg.

Asbjørn Torvanger is an economist studying climate economics and policy, focusing on energy and climate. His currently projects include climate finance (choice of finance instruments for climate projects in developing countries), governance of biomass energy combined with carbon capture and storage, and design of climate policy after the Paris Agreement.


Besides our staff, CICERO Climate Finance also involves investors and external climate finance experts on the Advisory Board.

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