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Eilif Ursin Reed is web editor, project leader, science writer, photographer, video editor and animator at CICERO – all depending on what needs to be done.

Eilif is currently responsible for keeping the CICERO web pages up and running, as well as producing popularized content about climate research.

In 2014 he lead the process of producing the award winning report Transport og Klima for the TEMPO project.

In 2012 he wrote the script for, and was involved in the production of the viral youtube video "History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 seconds".


  • PITCH PITCH focuses on how governance, values and norms and organizations are important preconditions for societal transformation to happen in a climate change context.
  • Sis-klimat- Climate transitions in the Norwegian food system How can the Norwegian food production - consumption system be changed towards sustainable production of more climate friendly food? This overarching question targets opportunities for climate change adaptation and emission reductions, but also looks for co-benefits for, and stronger links between, producers and consumers.
  • Rapid Response for Energy and Climate Policy Analysis The world today is moving fast and so are user needs. Research projects can take years to develop and get funded, but many research questions in climate policy are relevant on short time scales. We believe there is an opportunity to fill a research niche answering contemporary policy challenges through synthesis of current knowledge and through fusion of existing data and methods.
  • Sustainable Edge: climate risk assessment for companies The Norwegian real estate company Entra is the first company in Norway to have its revenues, investments and governance structure assessed in shades of green or brown in line with the updated Shades of Green methodology. The methodology has been developed in the ‘Sustainable Edge’ project in cooperation with leading Norwegian financial institutions, CICERO Shades of Green and ENOVA (the Norwegian public energy enterprise). 

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