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PDRMIP Analysis

Completion of analysis / paper



PDRMIP overview paper (submitted)

Beginning of 2016

G.Myhre, P.Forster

Follow-up Andrews et al. (2009) on relation forcing and precipitation changes (published) December 2015 B.Samset

Methodology on forcing calculations and rapid adjustment (submitted)


Beginning of 2016 P. Forster,T. Richardson, B. Samset

Extreme precipitation changes for PDRMIP drivers
End of 2016 J.Sillmann
Hydrologicalsensitivityfrom PDRMIP drivers End of 2016 B. Samset
Mitigation/regional experiments with the GCMs End of 2016 A.Voulgarakis
Precipitation changes from an energy budget and circulation
End of 2016 T. Richardson, P. Forster, D. Popke, A.Voulgarakis
Understand more of the differences of the precipitation between the climate models for the historical period from a driver perspective. End of 2016 G.Myhre, P. Forster, C. Smith
PDRMIP simulations for halocarbons Mid 2017 Ø. Hodnebrog,Z. Mousavi, K. Shine
Equilibrium and transient climate sensitivity for PDRMIP drivers End of 2016 D. Shindell, P. Forster, K. Shine,G. Myhre
Forcing and temperature changes for black carbon End of 2016 C.W. Stjern,B. Samset, D. Shindell

Greenhouse gas and aerosol driving of precipitation change in the Mediterranean region

End of 2016 D. Shindell
Importance of internal variability End of 2016 J.-F.Lamarque
Emulators End of 2016 D.J.L. Olivie, P. Forster, K. Shine, J.-F.Lamarque
F factors End of 2016 Z. Mousavi, K. Shine
Water vapourchanges Beginning of 2017 Ø. Hodnebrog,G. Myhre