CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

If you want access to the PDRMIP data please send an email to Bjørn Samset ( with a very brief note on the purpose of the data. We encourage new analysis based on the PDRMIP data, but please have a look at the list of ongoing PDRMIP activities and discuss the scope of the analysis with Gunnar Myhre ( and Piers Forster (

Here's the procedure to get access to the storage facility:

Please use this form:

Choose "Annen ekstern institusjon" for the Organization field, NS9042K from the Project dropdown menu, and "Nird" as the resource. List today as the start date, and 2021-06-30 as the end date.

After the account is created Bjørn Samset ( needs to approve its access to the project. They'll send you a temporary password by SMS on your mobile telephone, then you can log in to

- and find the data here:


Note to old users: The norstore storage is no longer in use. If you can not successfully log in to nird with your norstore credentials you can try to reset your password here:

Note to uploading: When uploading data to NIRD, please do so in an appropriately named subfolder to: 


If none such exists, you can make a new one. Then please make sure all files folders etc that you put there have the group affiliation ns9042k and that the group has read and write permissions.